About the Sparroworks

As we could design a website for you or your company based on the WordPress content management system you need to know what we are talking about – this home page is simply an example of the very basic sort of thing you could have.  It can get a lot more complex and the look of the site (colours, fonts etc) could be tailored to your wishes.

The ‘blog’ page is elsewhere but you could make it the landing page for visitors if you prefer.  meanwhile, this home page would by the first impression clients get of you and what you offer.


The Sparroworkers are a couple of Canadians who grew up in England but escaped to settle in Montreal where we have become thoroughly embedded in the birding world. A biologist by profession (albeit working in a fairly abstruse branch, not at all connected with birds) and part-time webmaster for a number of wildlife oriented non-profit organisations. We use the internet as a way to share some of the information that comes our way via the above channels.

Our main website (www.sparroworks.ca) provides an eclectic directory of worthwhile wildlife and bird watching sites in the Montreal region as well as a growing list of other useful information for people interested in such matters … meanwhile this electronic diary is an occasional record of our wildlife interests with a leavening of garden activities, good food and recipes and occasionally other topics that take our interests and we hope will appeal to yours.


Test document download – download here

Spring garden – drybrush


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