Mud in the sun

It actually had the temerity to snow again last night – how dare it – but the new stuff was melted by noon and despite a cold wind the sun was hot and warming.  Gradually spring arrives … not too eagerly though, the leaves rarely appear on the trees before the first week of May but fortunately we have the Magnolia flowers to look forward to in the interim.

The snowdrop plantation is burgeoning nicely now with several small clumps appearing onec again.  If we live to be about 150 the display should be worth inviting people to visit !

Here in Quebec it is the season of “sugaring off” when the maple syrup is made from the tree sap collected in buckets hung under taps inserted into the trees.  The Arboretum has the oldest sugar maple stand around Montreal and makes a small but tasty harvest.  This is always popular with the public, especially kids, and the open day today had large crowds enjoying the sunshine.  the sugar shack is just beyond the Chalet Pruche which we are trying to renovate and make into a centre for R&R and events … all of which requires money of course.  What was sad was that the crowds didn’t take time to look around and see the forest – at one point, only round the corner from the Chalet j and I were standing watching (binoculars, camera – can’t be more obvious than that) some Cedar Waxwings beside the trail but nobody else even looked faintly interested and certainly nobody else saw them.  We need their money, but many of them might as well have been at Disneyland.

A sketch of Chalet Pruche

A sketch of Chalet Pruche

Cedar Waxwing (over pixelated - sorry)

Cedar Waxwing (over pixelated - sorry)

Why do kids have to shout and scream?  I must be showing my age and I try not to be a curmudgeon but “when ah were nobbut a lad” children were expected to be quiet and discrete and certainly shouting was frowned upon.  Talking was encouraged, and questions were enthusiastically answered so that we learned things, but speaking was done in a moderated voice at a conversational level.  The arboretum is not the school playground but a piece of forest full of beauty – nice if they appreciated the fact.  End of rant – thank you.

Tracto-load of sugar seekers arrives to learn about syrup making

Tracto-load of sugar seekers arrives to learn about syrup making


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