Snowdrops at last

Perhaps the most missed thing, the thing that brings a touch of nostalgia, from our former life in England is the spring appearance of Snowdrops … they are the devil’s job to grow and establish here and because of the heavy snow cover they only appear very late.  we had an email from old friend in the UK this morning talking about the roadsides and gardens being covered in daffodils and other narcissi … and we looked out of the window at the , admittedly diminishing, snow and groaned.

And then – there it was,  Under the big paper birch tree in our front garden, a small clump of Snowdrops … aptly known in French as Perces neiges – not a clump to get excited about in Euro-terms, but it’ll do for us.  There will be more later.

And the daffodils … well, we have one of them too!  Spring comes fast and late around here.

First snowdrops of 2009

First snowdrops of 2009

A Daffodil-to-be

A Daffodil-to-be


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