The Image-ineers

Faithful followers of this blog will be aware that the Arboretum are running a project to collect photographs taken every day during the year of 2009 and post them in an album on their website … as is the way of these things, out of 2000 potential members of the arboretum, the number that are contributing amounts to five with occasional offerings from others, very occasional some of them.  Anyway – after spending three months communicating by e-mail we decided to meet up yesterday as “The Imagineers” (nice bilingual collective noun) and we were persuaded to have our photographs taken …. this is the only existing picture of a mature Sparroworker (on the left with the smart hat).  A lot of grey hair as you can see.

Enjoy as they say … this is your last and only chance.

Arboretum photographers

Arboretum photographers

Actually, there is a sixth member of the group … I am NOT a dog person, strictly cats for me, but Donald’s over-intelligent dog Einstein is a really neat dog that has become our mascot.  All dogs should be like Einstein.



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