Test posting

Much as I hate to acknowledge that Microsoft might conceivably have got something right, I have just come across new gadget (Windows Live Writer) that claims to be able to post directly to my blog without my having to go through the usual wordpress interface … either this works or it doesn’t.

I will try inserting a photograph:


… and it also says it can do videos, so let’s see how that works:

… and it doesn’t – it will insert links to files you have uploaded first to something called MSN Soapbox or to You Tube but not allow direct posting.  Bizarre.

Anyway – could be handy for regular posting – so I am now going to press the publish button, if you read this it worked I guess

Next day – editorial comment:   Interestingly, the Live Writer must communicate with MS headquarters because I had an email from a software developer there commenting on my inability to post videos – seems that I am the first person to ask for that (everyone else uses You Tube – not me, hate it) but they had considered the option.  Maybe in the next release … anyway, the man from MS was very polite and friendly.  This is good.