Not birds

Tomorrow we are involved in a Bigby-Baillie-Big Day raising funds for the MBO and hopefully there will be plenty of birds to talk about once that is over (or not, this has not been a good spring so far) so to give some relief to those loyal fans who are not bird obsessed, here are some plants …

The garden is wonderful this spring with drifts of flowers, wonderful lilac and fresh new ferns coming up all over.  here is one small corner:

Then last weekend (see previous posting with bird photos) we also enjoyed spring flowers in the forest …

Carpets of trilliums, for example:

And some rarities … the thing with big leaves on the left is Jack-in-the-pulpit, the little white flower next to it is a Dicentra and the tall spiky flowers are something really rare that has temporarily escaped my brain as regards to its name – to be inserted later: