A new “bird” and four Bigbies

So, I set up the automated camera on one of the feeders toady and I captured ………

You wouldn’t believe the number of baffles and traps set to keep them off, but this one character is a terrific jumper – Olympic class.

Bigby-ed our way down to the locks at Ste-Anne again and picked up four new species for the year list … Canvasbacks, the first Canada Geese of the year, a Common Grackle and then as we were almost back home a lot of Crow noise overhead added a gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk to the Bigby list.

Pictures follow – only had the pocket camera, hence the hawk, at least, is nothing more than a record shot.

Meanwhile in the garden, a pair of MODOs (AKA: Dopes) were getting cl0se and friendly and had a few practice stabs at making more Dopes …

While a few nights ago, the Rabbit found himself a safe hollow to spend the night in at the back of the garden;