Keeping in touch

Things have been very busy lately for one reason and another and the chances to get out birding have been extremely limited other than a passing nod to large rafts of Canada Geese and assorted ducks on the river at the end of the road as I pass each morning. With luck they will stick around through the weekend and give us a chance to check them over … other than that, no ornithological excitements to report though a Red-tailed Hawk did zip past my office window a few days ago.

One of the things that hs been keeping me out of the way has been the fact that the latest iteration of the bird society website (BPQ v.5) is almost ready to be unveiled to an eager public. This is going to be quite an improvement on the existing site which I was equally proud of when launched three years ago but ideas change and the world moves on … meanwhile here are a couple of screen shots of the old and new versions to whet your fancy:

Firstly, version 4 which used to be spiffy but now is a confusing mess …

… and then the soon-to-be new version 5 with its cutting edge design and a whole host of techno-wizz features behind the scenes that visitors might not appreciate but which are really cool and will make my life as webmaster easier …

But – coming soon will be an even spiffier version that will look pretty much the same but be built around a content management system with server-side databases, dynamic web pages and stuff you could fly to the moon with … but no, absolutely no, Flash animations or music or dancing penguins. Sober all the way.


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