Birding abroad

Today we took ourselves into foreign territory and crossed the border into Ontario to visit Marais Cooper. Usually we go there in the spring but somehow hadn’t managed it this year – so a late summer trip was due.

The birds of the day were the Common Yellowthroats which seemed to have been everywhere – in fact that applies to the whole of the year I think. Also seen in the same group of birds were Redstarts and a Canada Warbler.

Cedar Waxwings
are one of our favourite birds but not always easy to photograph though today they behaved themselves immaculately. They were in a mixed flock with Rose-breasted Grosbeaks but the latter kept in the leaves so although i have photos they aren’t worth showing here.

“coming up”

“made it”

Cute eh?

Green Heron

Monarch butterfly

Osprey with his lunch

Northern Flickers

We ended the morning with 36 species – nothing rare, but all good for the time of year and the time of day.


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