Quiet Neighbours

The (rather nice) house next door has been empty and on the market for over a year due to the ambitious price being sought by the ex-pat owners. The agents have had someone keeping the grass more or less mown but the garden is well surrounded by mature trees and hedges so the lack of people has made it a haven for wildlife. Plenty of birds have nested there, making forays over the boundary to snack at our feeders and the raccoon family (see earlier posts) thinks it is wonderful. Sadly, a “Vendu” sign went up yesterday and we must look forward to human rather than wildlife neighbours moving in – we can only hope that they are not the common sort of Canadian neatnicks with a passion for slash and cut in the undergrowth that we see so much of. It has been very nice this last few months and Raccoons and Cardinals and Song Sparrows and Hummingbirds make way better neighbours than do people with their kids and dogs. We shall see.


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