A new day

Feeling much better this morning after a good night’s rest. Discovered the amazing taste of things called “Pill pockets” and am entirely happy to take my medicine in those. Rather peckish a tually and have just eaten Ted’s bakfast as well as mine – perhaps explains why Ted is now glaring at me.

Ah well, time to wander back and a see if there were any scraps I missed. 

The morning after

Feeling much better this morning and have discovered the wonderful taste of “Pill Pockets” even if they did hide pills inside them. Jolly peckish so have eaten Ted’s breakfast as well as my own. Ted is glaring at me – time to go and check out the food bowls again in case I missed something.

Horror …

I have had a bad experience.  He shut the bathroom door after his nightly ablutions, careless of the fact that I was in there to check he had done his teeth properly. I was compelled to spend an uncomfortable night sleeping in the bath.

Not good enough. I gave him the famed feline piteous look but he laughed.


Over and out (for now)

… and so, after three months a few days of Canadian blogging “she” has finally caught an image of me-and-him together in a chair which (apart from my weight) seems to have been the ultimate goal we were set.  I confess that all this computing and password remembering and stuff like that is difficult for a fat cat to cope with and so I have decided that – barring special events – I am going to hang up my blogging hat at this site and leave it to himself and his all purpose “journal” to capture my magnificence henceforth.  

It’s been interesting, but I am more interested in tuna than in the internet … unless it’s the sort of net that catches tune.

So – for posterity – here we are:


Oh my gosh

Lots of banging and bumping and a noticeable absence of food combined with a certain strange motion lead me to conclude that I may be in the air right now … guess I need to put my internal clock back five hours.  I hear it snows where I am going – but hopefully not quite yet.

Evolution at the Sparroworks …

The address of this on-line journal has already changed a couple of times since it emerged from the egg but finally the senior Sparrow has found a nesting cavity with enough “features” to make another, and hopefully final, démenagement worthwhile … accordingly might we ask you to follow us over to the tree next door and henceforth to bookmark and visit this address:


See you there.